April 19, 2013

Are Demons Real?

Much confusion surrounds the topic of demons and whether or not they are real, but what I experienced when I held this fear-based mindset definitely had an impact on my physical and emotional well-being. Empaths are extremely sensitive to any kind of energy—even that of their own thoughts and beliefs.Whatever we think about increases.

An entity is anything that feeds off your energy or emotions. It can be a thought form, an energy pattern, or a soul tie (a hook to or an attachment from one or more persons), or an earthbound spirit is a soul that is no longer in a human body. Whatever beliefs, emotions, or knowledge we have when we leave the body is carried with the soul into the afterlife. Many times when a soul leaves the body abruptly, it is confused and may not cross over to the other side or go into the light. These spirits are between incarnations and are able to feed off the energy of humans.

I don’t believe a body can be possessed by more than one soul at a time, but we can be influenced positively or negatively by disembodied souls that attach to our electromagnetic field. I don’t intend to make anyone afraid—you are more powerful than any earthbound spirit and they have to adhere to any boundary you set with them—but if you are an empath, there is a good chance you see, hear, or sense ghosts, or have already experienced some evidence that they exist.

Obviously, we are connected to one another or we would not be able to tap into each another’s energy like we do. Incarnated or disembodied, we are all interconnected in ways that we may or may not have acknowledged or understood. I talk more about this in chapter 10 in my book, Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, under the subheading “Setting Boundaries with Entities.”

Our lesson here is that whatever we think about comes about. The universe will allow us to feel or experience whatever we validate as truth. The great news is that all entities (real or imagined) can be removed with better understanding. Doing the clearing and cleansing practices mentioned in Chapter 9 of my book will help immensely.

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