August 14, 2012

Happy Ending in 2012!

Title: Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience Author: Yvonne Perry
ISBN-13: 978-0-9825722-9-0
Publisher: Write On!, May 2012
Reviewed by Denise Demaras

I've always been a sucker for books that are open declarations of personal belief and fearlessly test the status quo. Yvonne Perry's new book, 'Shifting into Purer Consciousness' is such a book and comes straight from the heart; it is genuine and meant to help others struggling now. Her connection is pure and offers hopeful solutions that are prompted by heart-felt stirrings and beliefs that come from intuition and a sense of knowing that science cannot defy nor qualify. Research and science have their place but when it comes to December 21, 2012 - the author explains mysterious terminology and cosmic theory to support her view that there is a happy ending to 2012 rather than the sensationalized dark ending to the Mayan Calendar. She moves through the fear to find (and explain) her search for truth and belief that things will be better not worse. Many people are awakening, but even more are frightened and tormented by the physical and emotional struggles witnessed each day in personal daily lives and in the news. She will undoubtedly answer some unasked questions and comfort readers that have fears and concerns around December 21, 2012 with reasons for this fear and confusion, as well as the karma of the shift occurrence. It is defined by the author simply for anyone to read and understand - it just takes an open mind to find the way out of a mental fear trap.
'Shifting into Purer Consciousness' is a book that emerges from a generous spirit of caring - the only kind a truly empathetic person can offer. In it, the author addresses her own curiosity and disarms her reader with her natural giving style to help others deal with dramatic changes within and surrounding each person now on this globe. She does this as she takes the reader by the hand down her path and from the beginning you know her words come from transformational experiences. She wants you to feel ease and so compassionately explains the ways you can prepare and find your way through these times of un-calculated, unforeseen and seemingly unkind change. This is a clear path through the fog of confusion lined with charming simplicity - she lays out the steps that have helped her stay with love and prepare for what may come.
Yvonne's journey and her assumptions are supported throughout her journey of research and self examination by epiphanies rising from synchronistic events that all conscious readers are familiar with and know the power in such events. Once such realization Yvonne experienced was that eating meat, killing animals is violent. When she shifted out of eating animals, she supported a more gentle and loving vibration in her life. Though she is not judgmental, she includes that eating meat or not, is a personal choice. It makes sense though - hateful behavior is reflected in hateful life experiences.

Throughout the book, the author supports her findings with quotes from other writers as well as the Bible. It is clear that she intends to help others prepare for a seamless merging into our natural state - the state of infinite love and being. Her statements are supported throughout the book with quotes from other writers as well as the Bible. It is clear that she intends to help others prepare for a seamless merging into our natural state - the state of infinite love and being.

Shifting into Purer Consciousness' is a journey - both personal and intellectual that will prompt personal exploration and help many quickly shift out of despair and into hope; this book comes from a pure heart. In her new book, Yvonne shares her journey and paves the way for those willing to imagine something other than doom and gloom for the world, the Universe and our fate.

When you are reading this book, you know she is dedicated to provide answers to ease fear and encourage peaceful, positive growth with revolutionary solutions to navigate and join the many inspired thinkers preparing their light bodies for the coming shift. As a health counselor, meditation teacher and fan of Buddha, I appreciate her addressing diet and meditation as well as the basic Buddhist belief in non-duality. And she doesn't stop there, Yvonne doesn't leave anyone out, she quotes the Bible and other author's who have researched and experienced shifts in consciousness too. Her explanations of complex ideas and terms such as, aura's and Kundalini energy, are easy to grasp as her natural ease in communicating her thoughts are to teach and so directed to help you understand these terms without attachment to deep or difficult language or philosophy.

The author wholeheartedly embraces her journey as an Empath to hear the unspoken cries for help from the confused and frightened public. She answers this call with an innocent, non-secular, non-judgmental or trendy book that shows how to live better, purer and prepare for possibly a peak soulful event - the Ascension. She stays true to herself and her mission to help others help themselves. This is a very unique presentation of a topic many have explored. I enjoyed reading her almost purely enthusiastic book - her perception and respect of the reader is fresh, generous and spiritual.
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