August 23, 2012

Empathy, Intimacy, and Your Inner Child

Sex is such a powerful force within us—the creative life force—and yet we are told by society how, when, and where we are allowed to express it. Being sexual is such a vital part of our Earth existence—aside from in vitro fertilization, how could a child be conceived without the joining of male and female bodies?

Why so much shame, guilt, and disdain regarding our sexuality? Why are we taught abstinence instead of responsible expression and personal fulfillment in sex education classes? Our prudent Victorian predecessors and religious authorities deemed it taboo to even mention the word sex much less to admit enjoying sensual pleasure. This futile attempt to “put a lid on it” causes an unhealthy repression of life force energy and our true selves. This energy must be expressed somehow; unfortunately, it many times comes forth as violent episodes of rage, manipulation, rape, and blatant destruction of the very planet that sustains our lives!

When we see ourselves as spiritual beings having a human body (an Earth suit for manifesting in the third dimension), we will understand sex and everything in our lives from a higher, more evolved spiritual perspective.

Today’s interactive group call will show you how the sacred energy of sex can be accessed and channeled for use in the ascension process (even if you don't have a partner). My guest, Julie McIntyre will share why we must stop repressing sexual energy and discover our authentic selves in order to experience intimacy with ourselves, our lovers, and our Creator.

Julie’s book, Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart, mentions three archetypes within each of us: the wounded inner child, the critical parent, and the predator. She will tell us what these are, how they influence our lives, and how we can learn to work with them to create an authentic life of joy.

Here’s how you may join this week’s We Are One in Spirit Group call/webinar:

Time: Thursday, August 23rd at 2 p.m. Central
Phone number: (206) 402-0100
PIN Code: 187842#
To attend online, visit:

Luminous blessings!
Yvonne Perry
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