August 2, 2012

Are You Having Depression?

I’ve said it many times that we are changing and that old, unresolved issues are coming up to be healed. As a result, some people are in a dark place and not sure what is going on in their lives. Maybe they are going through depression and can’t seem to get out of it.
Whenever our emotions are in distress or our bodies manifest an illness, they are giving us a message that we need to pay attention to. The accelerated energy that is near the earth now due to our planetary alignment is causing us to begin shifting our beliefs—conscious and unconscious.

Anything that no longer serves our highest good is rising to the surface to be dealt with. So if you are going through an illness, mental disturbance, or emotional turmoil such as a loss of job, there’s something coming to the light. It’s wise to pay attention to this message. Go ahead and delve into the emotion and see what Spirit’s message is and ask “How can I change this? What do I need to know or let go of in order to receive the gift in this situation?” It’s not a matter of avoiding the symptoms or say, “I must get healed or else!” Instead, ask. “What is the lesson in this experience?” or “What is the truth in this illness or discomfort I’m having?” or “What needs to shift within my thinking or subconscious beliefs?”

I went through depression in 1999 as was going through a divorce after 22 years of marriage. As I look back, I realize that my empathic abilities we out of control and I needed to learn how to manage energy. There were some things that I had to change within myself in order to get past the depression, but as I look back, I see those were some of the sweetest times of fellowship with Spirit. Being at a place where I had to go inward to discover what I truly believed was very beneficial. I had to own my truth for myself rather than just accepting what had been handed down to me from my family, society, or church. It was a great spiritual reckoning that brought me to a place of being able to define my personal truth.

There’s a gift in depression and hardship; even though it looks bad on the outside, if you will walk through it you will find it leads you to the sacred heart space to find your personal treasure. What I mean by being non-resistant is to look at what’s occurring for you. Don’t ignore it, don’t pretend like it’s not there, don’t cover it up or medicate with recreational drugs, alcohol, food, or other substances to avoid the pain. Instead, look at what the pain is trying to teach you. Find the gift in the moment of suffering and know that you can shift your life experience by shifting your attitude, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Yvonne Perry is an empath coach, metaphysical teacher, spiritual author, and the host of We Are One in Spirit Podcast. In 2011, she published her book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom of the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, in which she candidly discussed how we pick up energy around us, and how it affects us. It teaches how to identify our own energy versus the energy of people around us. She is available for private spiritual coaching and as a speaker for your group.

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