January 13, 2012

Advice for Time Management

Is keeping an intuitive child on a schedule necessary?  They tend to operate from a place of “no time.” If time is an illusion, how do we make the most of it? 
Many times the sensitive intuitive children who feel their way become very absorbed in their tasks, studies or artistic expression.  They are not strong attenders of time.  Sometimes in the feeling world of emotion the aspect of time is not anchored.  I answer a lot of that in the book, Raising Intuitive Children, which talks about this specific learning style- energy aware children.  For my own step son who had that issue, we had alarm clocks, yellow sticky notes that we put in his room.  We actually managed the environment to get him where he needed to go with a lot of time prompts including a little kitchen timer when he needed to be on a call for example or get out the door to a school function on time.  So to me, you have to build that in with these children if they are not time savvy. 
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Dr. Caron Goode is the author of ten books, including her latest: Kids who See Ghosts~ Guide Them Through Their Fear. Dr. Goode graduated with a doctoral degree from George Washington University in 1983 and is a licensed psychotherapist.  Formerly a pediatric speech language pathologist, Suzy Miller is the visionary founder of Blue Star Brilliance LLC and author of AWESOMISM: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism.

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