January 30, 2012

There Are No Victims!

Over the next few days, I will discuss how to move beyond your past experiences and become empowered to help the earth and humanity shift into purer (faster-vibrating) planes of consciousness.
One huge step in clearing your energy field and beginning your work with purer frequencies is to stop seeing yourself as a victim—of anything! We create our own circumstances through choices we have made either at a soul level (which may seem involuntary on the physical plane), on purpose, or by default (doing nothing to actively pursue a better outcome). Does this include abuse? Abuse is not something any of us consciously want to manifest, but you are only a victim if you choose to see yourself that way. You can change your mind about the abusive experience and thereby change your future, healing your emotions in the process. In today’s presentation, I will teach you what true forgiveness is.
Why Abuse Occurs
For now, let’s talk about three reasons from an empowered soul perspective as to why abuse occurs:
1. Soul Development
One way to overcome abuse is to accept it as part of your soul’s development plan. The act of abuse could have been arranged by your soul to help you discover a particular strength or virtue, or to allow you to become a mentor to newer souls who are suffering abuse now because they don’t know any better.
In week two’s presentation, Jenna Forrest touched on the levels of consciousness that empaths seem to go through in this current incarnation. Even though we are evolved in other realms or dimensions, most of us voluntarily incarnate at one of the lower levels (shame, guilt, apathy, grief) in order to know first-hand how others feel. We will minister to those younger souls who have not had as many lifetimes to work on spiritual development.
2. Karma and Repaying Debts
I’ve heard people say that abuse occurs as a result of karmic debt being repaid. Personally, the only way I see this happening is if two souls in an abusive relationship while in physical body were to reconnect in the afterlife and continue their battle. It’s likely that these souls (or unresolved issues from the astral body of a soul no longer in body) would attempt to reincarnate into bodies with close proximity to one another so they may continue this abusive behavior in another lifetime. This could be a cycle that some souls perpetuate, but according to The Spirit’s Book, a channeled work by Allan Kardec, this behavior will eventually cease as these souls decide they’ve had enough and finally cross over into the light and develop their souls and begin to vibrate at a purer frequency.
By the way, many empaths are able to see, feel, hear, and sense (even smell) earthbound souls around them. What they are really sensing is the unresolved detrimental issues collected in the astral body of someone who died. Again, this is only energy—we are all energy—everything is energy.
Please note that nothing that happens on this earth plane needs to go with us into the afterlife. We can resolve our issues now. We will take only the positive lessons with us when we leave our physical body, which means our karma (crystallization of the astral body) remains in the earth plane where it continues to affect the collective consciousness of all. I have an MP3 seminar about this on my website: http://weare1inspirit.com/product/seminars
3.  Shirking Responsibility
Another reason an act of violence could happen is because some soul who agreed to protect you did not step in. That soul may have gotten trapped in an unhealthy relationship that didn’t allow them to acquire the lesson they were supposed to learn in order to shield you. In this case, you could blame the other person for allowing the abuse to happen to you, but doing so will permit you to continue to see yourself as a victim, and will delay your healing and keep you from taking the next step toward empowerment as an empath. Our egos will find any excuse to avoid taking responsibility for where we are now. Regardless of what has happened in your past, you are the only one who can make the decision to process (resolve) offenses and get on with your life’s purpose. The longer you hang on to the victim mentality, the more you will continue to attract detrimental energy into your life experience.
You will never be able to fulfill your divine mission for being here if you stay stuck licking your wounds. Do whatever you need to do to heal, forgive, and move forward. Remember, whatever you focus on or think about comes about. Focusing on past abuse is the same as re-abusing yourself daily! In an effort to avoid processing your true feelings, you are picking the crust off of emotional wounds that need to be healed. Focus on the light and love within you. Be good to yourself. The ego will tempt you to feel sorry for yourself and continue to perpetuate the victim mindset. But, you can say no to your ego. You are in charge of whatever you think about. Forgive everything that has happened to you in the past and allow your guides to assist you in becoming the empowered being that you already are.
You can easily transmute detrimental energy for yourself and others and it will not get stuck in your body if you have no similar energy to attract it. By being completely non-resistant, you allow these energies to flow through without affecting you in a harmful manner. It requires acknowledging what you feel and making a conscious decision to not take offense. Just breathe and integrate.  Tom Goode gave us the steps on how to do this in the second session of this telesummit. Please get the replays. There is enough information in them to totally change your life IF you put it into practical application.
This blog post is from a presentation given by Yvonne Perry during the telesummit, Empaths Shifting into 2012. “There Are No Victims” is intended to help empaths release the victim mentality imprinted in their cellular memory, forgive those they see as abusers, move beyond past experiences, and become empowered to help the Earth and humanity shift into purer planes of consciousness. If you would like the MP3 and full transcript of Yvonne’s presentation, as well as Dr. Michael R. Smith’s lecture during this class, go to http://weare1inspirit.com/spiritual-audios.htm#YvonneMichael
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