December 16, 2011

Working with Ascended Masters for 2012 Shift

In addition to this energetic sensitivity, our chakras are opening up and psychic and spiritual gifts are coming forth. We are hearing and seeing in other dimensions. We intuitively know things, we are bringing forth skills we used in other lifetimes, we are becoming healers, we are channeling our higher selves and ascended masters, and we are sharing information to help others make the evolutionary shift.

Some souls are unknowingly working with ascended masters to help the Earth and humanity shift into purer (not higher) planes of consciousness. They are receiving intense and pure energy in their bodies in order to anchor it in the Earth plane. However, this is causing some emotional, mental, and physical discomfort. Moreover, these empathic healers are also trying to heal their own past. The main reason they feel drained is because they are also picking up negative energy from those around them in order to transmute it, and free others from karma and suffering.
Many of us have duties such as assisting souls who are incarnating into the earth, healing people and animals, writing and teaching others, providing intuitive readings, changing the weather, working with the earth’s gridlines, assisting souls to cross over into the afterlife, working with souls on the other side, delivering psychic messages, and doing many other important spiritual tasks.
Each embodied soul needs an anchor on the other side to stabilize vibration of the physical body on earth. We wear the vibrational frequencies of those we align with and naturally the purer the frequency, the better it feels. Some fully trained empaths are able to use their chakras and subtle bodies as channels similar to high-voltage transformers that step down intensely vibrating frequencies into a more useable and less harmful current that can be accepted by humanity. The role of some empaths and walk-ins is to allow the ascended masters to send purer frequencies of energy from cosmic, solar, and multidimensional sources. This makes it ever so important to be connected to the Universal Heart and operate from a place of unconditional love.
Because this mission is something agreed to before incarnation, not everyone is expected to do this work. However, some of you have had a near-death or life-transforming experience that has caused spiritual power surge. Through that experience, you emerged as a different person. You have brought in accelerated frequencies that your human body is not quite ready to manage. You are constantly being fed additional frequencies from companion beings of light. When there is a lot of clutter in the personal heart or subtle bodies, this intense and high-vibrating energy gets stuck in the body rather than flowing through as intended. It can feel like an ungrounded electrical current that jolts the body, mind, and emotions of the recipient. Understandably, this can be disturbing in many ways. Thus, it is very important to get past our own "stuff" and start doing the work we were sent here to do. I refer you to my book, Whose Stuff Is This? , to help clear your electromagnetic field and ground your energy.
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  1. My wife is an amazing empath, especially with animals. She's done this work professionally and has been trained by interesting people. She is part Apache, so the Native American aspect enters the picture.She is also suffering chronic pain, fibro and god only knows what else. My heart breaks to watch her suffering. I support her in all possible ways. In the last month or so the pain, the lack of energy, the depression has landed on her like a hammer blow and seems to want to stay put. Each of her days is an ordeal. I've noted a similar sense of malaise wherever I look. People with fibro, MS, Lupus, etc are going through a terrible time. My wife has become almost a complete recluse. She is protecting herself. Best to you and your work.

    1. Art, the symptoms you describe are very common for empaths. My book talks about this and gives some helpful tips on energy management that eases much of the suffering.