December 12, 2011

Raising Earth Vibrations

Our planet is going through a major cleansing and its vibration is rising in frequency. This is manifesting as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, solar flares, meteorites, and such. We are interconnected with the planet and everything on it and thus, as the planet is evolving, we are feeling this urge to purge—inward and outward. It appears that darkness is rising to the surface because it can no longer exist at a higher frequency. We see this as government upheaval, economic insecurity, youth rioting, depression, loss of jobs, relationships failing. There is a spiritual purpose to all the changes we see going on around us.
Because we are so divinely connected to one another, we are picking up the thoughts, feelings, and energy of those around us in an effort to heal others. Naturally, when we have dark energy such as resentment, fear, judgment, prejudice, a sense of entitlement or victimhood, unhealed emotional pain within us, we easily begin to vibrate at the same frequency of the energy that is being released in another person. This can manifest as illness or emotional turmoil. The key here is to let go of anything that is not of the Light.
When we are clean, clear, and aligned with purer vibrations and frequencies of Light and Love, there is nothing for discordant energy to attach to. There is no judgment to those who have manifested an illness or whose lives have fallen apart due to the stress created by this shift into purer consciousness. It may be this imbalance or disease that brought you to this blog today so you can find answers and get the help you need. Whatever you are now experiencing is simply a step on the path that is leading you to a place where there is no disease or trouble—where there is nothing but love and all is well. That sacred, holy place is the Universal Heart and it is already accessible.
Dealing with the stuff that doesn’t serve the Light can be scary. The end result will be worth the effort it takes, but the process can be pretty messy and upsetting. Families and relationships can be severely tested through hardship. Tested by fire we will be refined as pure gold—all impurities will be removed.
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  1. Great blog you have here. So happy I discovered you and I'm looking forward to reading everything. Being born an empath, it's always comforting to see this information being presented to enable parents to recognize the higher special gifts of their children and assist them in growing. :) Thank you!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Cairenn. I trust you will find a lot of helpful information here. Feel free to share this site/post with others.