October 18, 2011

Using Your Clairvoyance Instead of Your Clairsentience

An article derived from a presentation given by Gini Grey during Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth” on September 6, 2011. Get the full transcription and MP3 audio of Gini’s and Kate Garvey’s presentation at http://weare1inspirit.com/spiritual-audios.htm#Kate
In working with people who are empathic, I’ve noticed that a lot of people pick up on what’s going on through their clairsentience, which is that clear sensing, that gut feeling connected to the second chakra.  And while it’s a wonderful tool to have, especially for yourself, if you’re overusing it to the point where you’re picking up on everybody else’s feelings it can be detrimental to your health. 
We learn to do this growing up in dysfunctional families. The way to feel safe is to know what’s going on, so we feel what’s going on with mom and dad and then we know what to do to be safe. But what I find is more helpful is to use my clairvoyance, which is the sixth chakra of clear seeing, or claircognizance, which uses the seventh chakra of clear “knowing.” When you look at someone who is angry, you don’t have to match their vibration or take on their emotions in order to know what’s going on.
Be aware of your second chakra when you sense it picking up or aligning with the slower vibration of an unpleasant emotion. Then, use your mental power to turn down the dial on the clairsentient aspect of the second chakra a bit. Then, turn up your clairvoyance level of your sixth or seventh chakra. 

On my Spiritual Transformer site (http://www.ginigrey.com), I have an article about using your clairvoyance. But, briefly, here’s what you do:

1.       Center yourself by focusing on your pineal gland in the center of your head. (See How to Center to Bring Balance to Your Brain[YP1] .)

2.      I like using a rose as an image to hold energy, so envision a rose that represents you in spirit. Now look at that rose. What does your rose look like?

3.      Now look beyond the visual aspect and touch into your essence. You might get a sense of something or feel something. See if you can put a word to the essence of that rose represents as you.  What quality is the rose showing you about yourself? 

So you just quickly looked at your own energy, but you can do this with other people.  You could put a rose up for someone else. But eventually you get to a place where you just look at other people and just know.  Here’s how:
1.       Close your eyes and imagine the person you go into resistance with, or someone you feel uncomfortable with. 
2.      Imagine them coming into the room and standing a little way away from you.
3.      Now you’re looking at them, and you see their personality and you see their body, but I want you to look past that.  What’s going on with them? Do you tend to want to feel what’s going on with them? Do you want to feel their emotions? If so, see if you can you close that down and instead intuitively look at them with your clairvoyance. What do you see? What emotion are they running right now? 
CHIME IN! Looking with your spiritual eye at the imaginary rose you have created to represent yourself, you might see a color or something on the blossom or on the tip or the stem that says this is an area where you’re learning or you’re growing. Is there a word you can put with that that you’d be willing to share with us? What’s the general theme of what are you learning?
Gini Grey’s is the author of From Chaos to Calm: How to Shift Unhealthy Stress Patterns and Create Your Ideal Balance in Life—a book that opens your mind and heart to discovering your ideal state of balance, what gets in the way of creating this, and more importantly, how to let go of unhealthy stress reactions and the underlying motives and payoffs for these.

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