May 3, 2011

Understanding Empathy

Empathy is the ability to feel what another person, animal, or spirit is feeling—to put yourself in their shoes so to speak—and sympathize with their pain, suffering, depression, illness, etc. That is a good quality for humans to have; however, some people tend to become overloaded with the energy of others to the point of compromising their own well-being. They unknowingly pick up energy from the collective unconscious and electronic devices in their physical environment. Some can even sense the emotions and illnesses of friends, family members, and strangers in another city, state, or country. These energy-sensitive people are the empaths to whom my book, Whose Stuff Is This?, is geared.

Empathy is one part of our divine guidance system commonly called “intuition.” As spirit or energy beings, we are all empathic to some degree, but some people have the ability to feel energy more easily and intensely than the average person. At times, this can disrupt their lives because they become emotionally distraught or physically ill as a result of carrying someone else’s energy along with their own stuff. This condition is compounded when an empath does not recognize how his or her own energy feels or is disconnected from his or her own body, thoughts, and feelings.

Being empathic allows us to pick up information with the five commonly accepted senses: sight, hearing, smell, feeling/touch, and taste to bring us a message about others. It allows us to bring in information and energy (info-energy) like a radio picking up multiple channels all at once. The brain of a hypersensitive person does not know what to do with all this random input. These empaths must learn to interpret the information they receive and shield themselves from being a dumping ground for psychic energy.

Since these energetic impulses and messages come from a variety of sources, it may be difficult for empaths to discern whose energy they are picking up on. This can cause depression, anxiety attacks, physical symptoms, or a burst of emotions that seem to appear for no reason. Most empaths have no idea how to manage this energy or turn it off. Some don't even know they are an empath, much less what to do about it. You may be one of them.

Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are a subtle form of energy. Through quantum physics, it has been scientifically proven that everything—when viewed at an atomic or subatomic level—is energy manifested in different forms, states, and frequencies. We are submersed in a matrix or field of intelligent energy. Max Planck first proposed the quantum theory of an energy matrix in 1944. Today, scientists agree that everything—even what we once thought to be empty space—is actually comprised of particles and waves of energy. Not only are we affected by this ever-changing field of energy, our DNA, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can rearrange the field as we interact with one another.

Knowing this, I wonder if it is possible to not be affected by other people’s energy. It only seems natural. We are all born with the ability to tap into another person’s energy field to receive impulses, perceive intention, or project our thoughts and influence on others. Even though you may not recognize this ability as a psychic skill, you’ve probably “felt” someone else’s energy. For example, have you ever been sitting in a public place—perhaps reading a book and minding your own business—and sensed that someone was projecting energy toward you? When you looked up, you caught someone staring at you from across the room.

Being empathic is not a burden you must bear anymore. You can learn to shut out unwanted energy and keep others from violating your personal boundaries. First, you have to set boundaries. I show you how to do that in my book. You can also learn to direct your own energy and keep it from “leaking” or roaming by default. Then you will be able to send healing vibes when you choose rather than when someone wants to siphon your energy. You may find that you have undeveloped psychic gifts that you want to hone. It is possible to tap into another person’s field when invited to read the emotional information and help them know what is going on energetically for them.

For more help dealing with energy overload and setting boundaries, see Chapters 10 and 11 of my book.

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