May 1, 2011

Michael David Lawrience Interviews Yvonne Perry a Nashville author who Shares Methods to Help Highly-sensitive People Shield Themselves from Detrimental Energy

This interview first appeared on Michael Lawrience's blog. I'm sharing it here today.

Would you like to find relief from your emotional storms and empathic fatigue?

Today, I am happy to interview my friend, Yvonne, a highly-sensitive empath whose book, WHOSE STUFF IS THIS? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You shows ways to stay emotionally healthy in a over-stimulating world.

Would you like to learn how to create healthy boundaries, stay balanced, and release other people's energy and emotions which drain your energy creating fatigue? Check it out to find out more at

Michael: Yvonne when do we know that we are being or have been energetically drained by someone?
Yvonne: Empaths are so energy sensitive we can usually feel when something shifts or isn’t quite right. However, it may not occur to us that we are being affected by the energy of another person until we are in the middle of a negative situation or mood change. It may be a feeling of anger, a sudden onset of sadness or depression when our circumstances don’t indicate a reason for such, or feeling chronically fatigued—especially after being around a particular person or place.

Michael: Who can benefit from your book?
Yvonne: Every sensitive person, regardless of how they come to interact with negative energy, could benefit from this book and learning how to detach and screen out the emotions and pain of others while remaining compassionate and effective as a healer or friend, mother, or coworker says Denise Demaras, an artist and holistic spiritual health counselor, who endorses the book. So many people don't understand how or even notice the effect that others have on their moods or health. Suddenly they are mean and cranky, sad or sick, every time they are in the company of a certain person

Michael: What are some techniques to help empathic people or anyone create stay energized and when necessary release other people's energy and emotions which created additional stress and fatigue.
Yvonne: The top three for me are keeping my auric field clear and close to my body, asking for divine assistance in protecting the boundaries of my energy field, and staying grounded and centered. Chapter 9 of my book gives several ways to do this. It’s not a one-time thing, but rather an ongoing practice for the energy-sensitive person.

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