May 23, 2011

How to Do An Intuitive Body Scan

Do you know what an intuitive body scan is? I use an mp3 guided meditation on my ipod, but in essence, you mentally go over every inch of your body asking questions, feeling what you feel, and sensing divine wisdom for instruction about what is the best mode of treatment for whatever you find.

This is how I became convinced that even though my dentist didn't find any dental abnormality in my first visit, my tooth was the culprit of the four-month long suffering I endured with pain in my face, neck, ear, head, and sinuses. I completed a round of antibiotics he gave me and still the pain continued. My medical doctor ordered a CT scan. It showed what she thought might be a sinus infection, so I went on another round of antibiotics. These were so strong that they tore up my digestive system. It took six weeks of probiotics to regain integrity in my intestines. I was scheduled to see the neurologist next. I kept thinking it was the tooth all along, so I decided to listen to my own body's wisdom through a body scan.

During the body scan, I clearly heard the word "mercury" and it dawned upon me that I needed to get that tooth removed—not filled, not a root canal, not a crown, but removed. I got up from my body scan and immediately called for another dentist appointment.

If you don't have a guided meditation of a body scan, you can purchase one such as Body Scan by Vidyamala & Sona , or do your own by using your attention to focus on each part of the body individually.

Ask your higher self, angels, guides, ascended masters, or whoever you like to work with for healing to attend your effort. Start at the top of your head and pay attention to what you feel, hear, sense (intuit),  see about it. Ask for instruction about what this part of the body  needs in order to be in perfect health. Then, go down the back of your  head, then your face, all the way around your neck, then shoulders.  Continue the practice of listening, sensing, seeing, etc. as you move  your attention down your arms one at the time, then your hands. Go back to your shoulders and start the focus on your chest, circling  around to your back and continuing this spiral around your torso as  you move down to your groin. The legs and feet are last and when complete, continue to listen for an overall message from Spirit.

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