September 30, 2014

What is Your Weakest Link?

By Yvonne Perry

Shamanic work can show you where you are still vulnerable to ill-intended energy.

When Ishtah (a powerful galactic shaman friend of mine, who was on a Walk-ins Among Us call last May) lived with me for three weeks earlier this year, we crossed hundreds of souls over after clearing them of their astral/karmic debris. I learned a lot through this experience. I'm glad to say that she is going to be in Nashville in October 2014 and we will be offering some dual-shaman in-person client sessions once again.

My husband and I have started doing sessions together with clients. We had a client on Saturday morning a few weeks ago. We both realized we were going into some hostile territory to retrieve a soul as we were drumming and doing light language. I stood next to him and telepathically said, “Cover me! I’m going in!”

We got the soul fragment out of the underworld (lower astral dimensions) and returned it to the client who will be doing some inner child work to help reintegrate this part. Hubby and I felt great after the session so we went outside to do some yard work. I had not moved three shovels full of dirt before I had a stabbing pain in my lower back and I could hardly lift my legs to walk. Two knots had come up on my back—like wounds from a bullet or arrow! What could this mean? I wondered. I sensed this had something to do with the session we had just done.

“What are you trying to tell me?” I asked my body and my guides.

“Stop trying to go back,” I heard. “Living in the past is your weak point—the place where you are most vulnerable.” We only pick up energy that we are in resonance with. My client was trying not to go back to an unhealthy relationship. I was grieving the loss of a significant relationship that I hoped to restore. I needed to move forward, no matter how wonderful the past had been, but my grief and hope for restoration was holding me back. Within minutes, I got a text from my “lost” person, clarifying that our friendship could not be brought back to its former glory. I set my intention to let it go and did not respond to the text.

Even though I had gotten the message, I still had to deal with the physical condition that had gotten my attention. I put an icepack on my back, took Advil, and sat in the recliner with my legs up. I posted a request for my friends to send healing energy to my back.

A kind person wrote me privately, saying that I was releasing an emotion connecting all this. And, she wrote, “We got your back, lightworker.” I know this was meant to say that my guides are protecting me, and that is true—they do have my back. However, I also read this as a message from the entities in the underworld confirming that they had hit me in my weak spot, when I went in to rescue a soul they were holding prisoner.

I recognized this as “backlash”—the thing that nearly killed me as an empathic intercessor and spiritual “warrior” in my church days. I no longer do battle—my only “weapon” is love. Love is non-resistant. You cannot fight for peace—you have to BE peace in order to have it. I thanked my guides and the dark forces of the underworld for giving me the message. When dark forces “attack” us, they are actually serving the light. I was given a gift to be able to see my weakness and do something about it. How can that be a bad thing?

We are all light—even dark matter is filled with light particles. Dark forces need to be reminded that they, too, are light. I invited the entities that “got my back” to go into the light. They did and were thankful to be released. Since their prisoner had been rescued, their job was done and there was no reason for them to stay. And the entities holding these entities in the underworld also crossed over for the same reason. This domino-ed and went back many generations. This was setting the souls of my ancestors free and those of the client I had helped that morning.

Where do you “hurt” most often in your body? If unresolved, the hurt that others have caused you may be your weak spot that causes you to be a target for detrimental energy to infiltrate. Forgiveness and love are very powerful in releasing energy from the cellular memory of the body.

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