September 25, 2014

Creating a New Earth

Our group call tomorrow will be about letting go of the warrior mentality and living in harmony with the earth as we experience spiritual awakening and ascension into our highest potential. The Earth has already ascended from this veil of illusion, and is a blank slate in a higher dimension. What is created on the new earth is up to us. We are envisioning a loving and awakened divine human that is not dependent upon external devices to support us. Instead, we see ourselves creating from within our most loving hearts the things that bring joy, love, and peace.

You are welcome to ask questions, make comments, and participate in the discussion.

There are three ways to interact on this group coaching session: 

Time: Thursday, September 25th at 3PM Eastern/ 2PM Central/ 1PM Mountain/ noon Pacific
Dial-in number: (425) 440-5100     Pin Code: 187842#
Attend online:
Connect with Skype: Add joinconference as a contact, and then initiate a session. Once connected, select show dial pad from the call menu and enter guest pin code 187842#   

Yvonne Perry's co-host for this 1-hour group call/webinar is Vic Singer, who is known as a life transformer, visionary, love activist, and medicine woman. She has worked with healing arts since age 19 when she began her studies that include western medicine, indigenous realities, and Eastern practices. As the high priestess of Global Magic Temple, Vic travels wherever the ancient ancestors lead her to facilitate group healing circles and share healing with individual client.

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The author, Yvonne Perry, is available as a spiritual coach. See for information about a free 15-minute evaluation to see if coaching is right for you.

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