April 8, 2011

Self-empowerment and Emotional Sanity

This book is a book about education, specifically about emotional education. The education that we are all lacking, the education that we all need desperately. In my experience, I have seen that we get lost by what we are feeling in our bodies because we are not used to listening to its messages. Therefore, we get confused, not really knowing what is going on, and in our confusion we usually blame ourselves.

Humanity has forgotten a very important fact that science is reminding us of more and more frequently:
The fact the we are swimming in an ocean of energy and that we are made out of pure energy ourselves!
So, having tools in knowing how to deal with this reality is crucial to living and enjoying a healthy life in this universe.

Thank you for putting together this practical guide to self empowerment and emotional sanity. We all need it!

~Luis Diaz, author of Memory in the Cells

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