April 12, 2011

Gift of Intuition Reveals a Sister’s Secret

Iris is a very intuitive friend of mine, who often shares stories with me such as this one.

One afternoon, I was laying out on my hammock, rocking and praising God for such beautiful weather. As I dozed off in such peace, I saw a TV playing a video in the middle of an empty field. My older sister was the star of the movie and I saw her crying while sitting in a bathroom.

“I can’t believe this! What am I gonna do with this baby that isn't his?” She paced back and forth asking God the same thing over and over.

I heard a watery voice say to her, “Repent and sin no more. Leave the rest to God.”

To which she replied, “ Okay. I’ll go and get an abortion today.”

I was like, “Huh? Who said anything about an abortion?”

A while later, the birds chirping woke me up. As I peeled myself off the hammock, I remembered the dream, vision, or whatever it’s called. I immediately called my sister, whom I hadn’t spoken to in three years. When I told her my dream, she called me a liar.

“You shouldn’t make up stories like that.”

“I’m not making this up. I saw it in a dream.”

“Yeah, right. Janet told you.” My sister hung up on me.

Who the heck is Janet? I thought.

I called my sister back and left her a message. “Please, don’t have an abortion. If you do it will make your husband suspicious and he will hurt you. Just repent, sin no more, and trust God.”

My sister called me back later and said that she was going to keep the baby and leave her husband. That didn’t go over very well, and after two months of torture, fear, and pain, she had a miscarriage. Still to this day, she thinks her friend Janet told me about the pregnancy.

Iris’s psychic ability is not uncommon. Many intuitive or empathic people see visions or have dreams that give them information about someone or a situation of which they have no prior knowledge. This is one of the many ways the gift of intuition in regards to clairvoyance operates.

Clairvoyance has to do with vision. When the brain picks up a thought impulse, it is transmitted as a vision, symbol, image, or color using the mind's eye. The clairvoyant person may also have the ability to read auras—the energy surrounding a person.

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