July 26, 2011

Resources: Audio to Help Empaths Ground and Center Their Energy - 2

This is part two of an audio for clearing, cleansing, and balancing chakras. It begins where the first audio left off. This segment lasts eight minutes, and reminds the listener of these truths:
  • I am connected to the source of all life
  • I am one with the divine
  • I am a co-creator, working with my spiritual guidance team to bring heaven on earth through my words, thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • The divine essence within me is activated and merged with every cell in my body
  • My ALL THAT IS aspect is joined with my mind
  • I am spirit having an experience in a human body. I am much more than a body.
  • I am a powerful manifester
  • I manifest on purpose, not by default.
  • I have the ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • I am keenly interested in growing spiritually; therefore, I take the time necessary to know my true self and hear the voice of wisdom within.
  • I am willing to change, evolve, and ascend in order to accomplish my divine mission.

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