November 11, 2014

Is It Safe for Empaths to Feel Erotic Energy with Others?

Intimacy & Sex in Relationships with Empaths

On today's (November 11) Empowering Hour with Empaths, we are going to talk about experiencing erotic feelings, emotional intimacy, and sexuality in relationships, and how energy-sensitive people are starting to feel a deep soul connection with people in addition to (or other than) a spouse/lover.  One person on my Facebook page said: “The intensity of the non-physical intimacy is MUCH stronger than anything I have ever experienced physically.” Another said, “[This] Put something into perspective for me that really makes a HUGE difference.”

I've felt this kind of intimacy for about two years with several people who are a vibrational match for my energy. I even feel it when alone! It’s like the masculine and feminine aspects of my soul are making love to one another inside my body and emotions. Sheer bliss! I am intentionally protective of who I share sexual energy with, but love is the vibration of who I am. It naturally radiates outward and wants to be shared to help others remember the love they are.

Is it safe to share this kind of energy with others?

Perhaps you do not allow other people to get close to you. Maybe you have opened your heart and allowed the “wrong” people into your personal space in the past, and now you are so protective of your heart that you do not look into others people’s eyes for fear that detrimental energy will come from them. Being with someone who has all kinds of emotional hang-ups (that they may blame you for) is not a healthy relationship and can cause great damage to an empathic person who is trying to move forward on a healing path (see Kelly Marceau’s article, “What Sexy, Consciously Awake Women NEED & Don’t WANT from Men“).

The mind will find reasons to love an abuser and excuses not to deeply love the ones who are good for you. The heart does not need these barriers–it needs to be allowed to love freely. And, it can safely do this because the soul essence (higher self) knows who it can safely connect with on a deep level. When the heart and soul work together, you will see many opportunities for the heart to love others, and stay away from abusive or energy-draining people. The higher self lets the heart know whether or not it is safe to express deep connection, emotional intimacy, or fall in love with another.

Not having a relationship with another person for a while can bring inner strength as you become stronger in setting soul boundaries, heal past hurts, explore who you are, and decide what you want and need (or will not tolerate) in a relationship. It’s when we are whole and in love with ourselves that we can enter a relationship with another who is whole within themselves that the true magic (with or without sex) begins. Letting go of past hurts and healing our psyche allows us to live joyfully in the present moment. This can create a wonderful feeling inside and a sense of erotic or deep emotional connection with others.

Here is the info to get on the call/webinar:

Event: Empowering Hour with Empaths, Yvonne Perry & Veronica O’Grady
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I hope you can join us for discussion on the call tomorrow.

Love and Light from Yvonne

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