July 24, 2013

Animal Empath Rescues a Lizard

At the zoo this week, a blue-tailed lizard was being aggressively pursued by a class of kindergarten-aged children. The frightened little fellow didn't know which way to turn as at least two dozen hands were grabbing at him from all directions.

Remaining calm, I kept repeating to the boys and girls: "Let him go!! DON'T step on him! He is afraid just like you would be if someone was chasing you!" The lizard darted from one precarious position to another, even running under the toes of a sneaker, seeking refuge.

My main animal totem is a lizard and this is likely why this little creature connected with me and understood that I was trying to help him as I sent him mental messages of which way to turn. When the teacher or guardian of the class finally ordered the curious students to let him go (before the red-headed woman had a conniption fit) the lizard stopped right at my feet and the class retreated. He was breathing hard in panic mode and yet when I squatted next to him, he didn't dart away as he had with the children. I touched his blue tail and gently spoke to him as I maneuvered him into the safety of the grass under a park bench.

I know kids are curious, and this is normal behavior for them. However, a highly-sensitive person is likely to have a greater reaction to something like this incident than a person who is not an empath. In fact, many empaths tend to rescue animals even when they do not have the means to support them long-term. Have you experienced a situation like this?

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  1. Sounds like something out of my life.. I've rescued animals in distress for as long as I can remember. I've rehabilitated birds, cats, dogs, a wild baby burro and a baby skunk. This is the first time I've heard the term animal empath.. Maybe it applies?