May 1, 2012

How to Go Within

You’ve probably heard it mentioned many times that we need to look within ourselves for the answers to life’s questions. But how do you go within? That puzzled me for a long time and now I have discovered a method that works for me. I’d like to share it today.
The heart center, the heart chakra is a very strong and powerful. It’s probably the most powerful chakra is our entire body and one of the most important organs in our physical body. Just focusing our energy on our heart center allows us to go within. When I do a heart-centered meditation, I see a ball of beautiful light, all different colors of light within my chest. I place my hand on my chest and focus on that light and see it and expanding into my aura. Immediately I begin to relax and get into the now moment, into that place of quietness. Next, I begin to notice my breath and consciously control the rhythm so I take five breaths per minute. That means six slow counts on the inhale, and six counts on the exhale. In less than three minutes I begin to feel grounded and centered and my mind slows down so I can receive a message from Spirit about what I need to do next. 
There is a site, that has thirteen rooms that you can visit to breathe in synchronicity with other people. You can change the color, change the sounds, and watch sacred geometry unfold before your eyes. There’s even a room where you can chant om. It’s a beautiful place to meditate, practice your breathing with people who want world peace. We want people to stop suffering. We want to see the new heaven and the new Earth ushered in. This new kingdom within us and what it can manifest externally.

Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, comes to mind because he talks about how in the now moment, there is nothing troubling me. There are no problems of any kind. It’s when I think of the future or allow my mind to go backwards in time that I have problems. When I see outside of myself, I have problems; but when I’m in this now moment centered in sacred heart knowledge of the divine and bathing in unconditional love there are no problems. When you operate from this place within as Jesus did, you don’t take on the other stuff. Oh, you’re aware of it and you know when somebody is trying to tap into your energy field, but you don’t allow it. 

The past doesn’t exist nor does the future. If we stay connected to our experience right now, then we’re not giving ourselves away to the past nor dragged into the stress that’s caused by looking at possible future events that may or may not ever come to pass. You are using your energy in a wrong way. The correct use of energy is live in the present moment. Energy follows thought so if we are thinking future tense or if we are thinking past tense we are sending our energy out and away from us rather than using it to be present in this moment. When we are in that “now moment” we are collecting energy and bringing it into ourselves. There’s so much power in group thought. That’s why I think it’s so important for us to pray for one another or come together in sacred circles to meditate. Meditation brings us into purer thoughts of the divine mind and heart; it brings us to the now moment where we can find the strength. When we channel group thought from this place, we can affect positive change in the world.

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