February 11, 2011

Empath Book Recommended by Transformative Energy Therapist

Whose Stuff Is This?Finding Freedom from the Negative Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You ( http://tinyurl.com/EmpathAmazon ) is highly recommended by Transformative Energy Therapist Sally Hinkle for empaths and health professionals alike.

In this book, you will learn . . .

Empaths are very likable people - compassionate, unconditionally understanding, peaceful, joyful, loving, kind, and caring. You most likely will find them ‘in service’ as crisis volunteers, caregivers, nannies, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, teachers, social workers, psychologists, and even parents who consistently care for a child with health or educational issues. You will also find them in the healing arts as massage therapists, energy workers, yoga instructors and the like.

Other common denominators can include a feeling of responsibility for others’ happiness and a need to ‘fix’ things that are wrong in others’ relationships, physical bodies and even the world. They want to heal others and make everyone happy, but instead end up absorbing the very thing they are attempting to heal: fear, depression, anger, rage, and more. This makes them easy targets for those who don’t take responsibility for their own choices and seek someone to do everything for them.

From chest pains and stomach cramps to migraines and fever, empaths can manifest symptoms without contracting an actual illness. Later, they learn that their “ailment” coincided with the onset of a friend’s or family member’s illness.

Most likely empaths will have animals in their life, and find solace in the out of doors, where they can discharge some of the energies they have taken on, and re-charge their batteries from empathy fatigue.

Some will have weight issues. Absorbing stressful emotions can trigger panic attacks, depression as well as food, sex, and drug binges. Some may overeat to cope with these emotional stressors or use their body weight as a shield or buffer.

They can also feel sorry for people no matter who they are or what they have done. They feel the need to stop and help anyone in their path. They can’t pass by a homeless person without giving them money—even if they don’t have it to spare. They also feel horrible when a commercial for the Humane Society shows animals that need a home, and they may rescue more animals than they can possibly care for.

Some empaths don’t do well with intimate relationships. Constantly taking on their partner’s pain and emotions, they may easily get their feelings hurt, desire to spend time alone rather than with the partner, feel vulnerable when having sex, and feel that they have to continually retrieve their own energy when it gets jumbled with that of their partner. They may be so afraid of becoming engulfed by another person that they close up emotionally just to survive.

If this information hits close to home, or feels like a friend or family member, please feel free to pass this along. You never know what a gift of healing you may be giving to some of the most caring and thoughtful human beings on this planet.

PURCHASE paperback book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings,and Energy of Those Around You at http://tinyurl.com/EmpathAmazon. The e-book version is now available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and other digital reading devices.

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